The SEP organization published a video clip in an inappropriate way to view the eclipse

The Ministry of Public Education published a video on official social media networks, in which it announced a series of procedures for viewing the solar eclipse on April 8.

However, at 0:54 you can see an image they added of a man watching the eclipse through a telescope wearing glasses.

These results Very dangerous Because viewing the eclipse in this way causes a lot of eye exposure and can cause serious damage.

Even NASA predicts this: “no If you look at the Sun through a camera lens, telescope, binoculars, or other optical device while using eclipse glasses or a portable solar viewer, the concentrated solar rays will pass through, burn through the filter, and enter your eyes, causing… Serious injuries“.

Through the Chihuahua Astronomical Association, they were also very concerned, because this is something they warned about, in addition to showing their concern because the authorities were not organized to take care of children during the eclipse.

Telescopes have a special filter to see the eclipse without affecting the vision of the human eye, which is not like special lenses.

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