The most famous cat in the United Kingdom steals the spotlight from Donald Trump and violates his security

US President Donald Trump met on Tuesday with British Prime Minister Theresa May and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox to discuss… Britain's exit from the European Union.

On the second day of his visit to the United Kingdom, the President headed to No. 10 Downing Street, the official residence and work office of the person who holds the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, amid protests throughout London.

But the show was stolen by Larry.

Larry is a cat, but not just a cat. He holds the official title of Head of Mice in the Cabinet Office, meaning he is the cat responsible for keeping the mice away in the Prime Minister's House. The animal is quite an “influencer” and has thousands of followers on its social networks.

Larry caught the attention of a group of reporters and photographers covering Tuesday's meeting because he decided to bypass Secret Service security and lie down under the presidential limousine, known as “The Beast.”

The armored vehicle could survive explosions, chemical weapons and bullets, but it was stopped momentarily by Larry the Cat, who had no intention of getting up and preventing it from advancing, a situation that was reported live by Sky News.

“I and other photographers noticed how Larry the cat was trying to get to the monster,” said journalist Kay Burley. “This can only end badly. And now he's taking shelter under the rain monster.”

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His Twitter account, where he has more than 264,000 followers, simply asked: “What did you expect me to do, sit in the rain?”

Larry didn't just make headlines for trying to ride in the presidential limousine. He also crept into the official photo shoot between Theresa May and Donald Trump. While May and her husband, Philip, welcomed the President and First Lady Melania Trump, the cat prepared to groom himself and rest on the windowsill outside the residence.

How was Larry named? Head of the rat to the Cabinet Office?

In 2011, rats invaded the Prime Minister's residence. The leader at the time, David Cameron, went in search of an animal with excellent hunting skills.

Thus, Larry was recruited from an animal shelter, where the politician confirmed that he was a skilled hunter.

Larry's duties, in addition to catching mice, include greeting guests, checking safety and testing the quality of antique furniture through a long nap, according to the official website of Queen Elizabeth II's government.

In addition, he is very active on his social media accounts, where he shares his life and the luxuries he provides for himself through the salary he receives monthly.

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Specifically, Larry made it clear on social media on Tuesday that he doesn't like Donald Trump very much and posted a photo of himself flirting with Barack Obama, Trump's predecessor, years ago.

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