University students in Costa Rica demonstrate against the Public Employment Scheme (+ photo) – Prensa Latina

With the support of some MPs, including the ruling Citizen Labor Party, and other opposition political groups, university students peacefully expressed their rejection of the aforementioned legal initiative, most of which is focused in the Garden of Democracy, in front of the legislative headquarters of this nation.

Both legislators and heads of these centers support the need to review some salaries, but not at the expense of ending the university’s independence in the sense of independence for the performance of their jobs and full legal capacity to acquire contractual rights and obligations.

In recent meetings with MPs and during the protest, the President of the National University and the President of the National Council of University Presidents (CONARE), Francisco Gonzalez, expressed the importance of preserving autonomy, who warned that he would be in grave danger of agreeing to such-and-such and how this legal proposal is being written today .

In these appointments, the President of the University of Costa Rica, Gustavo Gutierrez, said that one of the main reasons for his opposition to the aforementioned legal draft is that it contains a defect of unconstitutionality, because it violates Article 84 of the Political Constitution, which relates to the independence of the university.

For his part, in calling for demonstrations, Konare asserts that it is inappropriate to give the priest’s house to the Minister of Planning, because it could reflect the depoliticization of the civil service defended by the constitution, by transferring the authority to appoint its director general.

This legal initiative seeks to standardize salaries in the public sector, in search of millions of dollars in savings that allow to reduce the high fiscal deficit of the central government, but unions, MPs, and even businessmen reject it.

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As an example, Wilmer Ramos, a lawmaker for the ruling Labor Party, said the initiative involved a lot of improvisation, and emphasized that the civil service lacks the capabilities to make appointments in some public institutions. He pointed out that universities need a system completely different from other systems.

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