Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel and Eric Polgar are at risk in La Roja due to the Serie A decision not to give up players

The situation in the past hours that Premier League, which consists of teams that do not give up their players to play the playoffs with their teams. Martin Lasarte You won’t be able to rely on it Francisco Serralta Nor Ben Brereton, despite of Blackburn Rovers playing in championship, of a category that have also shown that they will follow the line taken by the elite in English football. very league The idea was grabbed by the Spanish and both Claudio BravoAnd Thomas Alarcon And Enzo Rocco They also cannot contact our country. & nbsp;

This Wednesday, another league joined, which is league He gave a statement in support of the idea taken by his English football counterpart to “lend” footballers to come and play the qualifying dates that start next week. Without a doubt, the moment all South American teams hold. In this case, the players who were unable to travel to our country will be Arturo VidalAnd Eric Thumb And Gary Medel.

Even during this day there was also information that the chief FIFAAnd Gianni InfantinoCall the Prime Minister United kingdomAnd Boris Johnson, so that it mediates with the English football entity and can modify some of the rules so that footballers can travel to their countries and play the knockout matches.

& nbsp;

This Wednesday, the Italian League issues a statement in support of this decision | Photo: Series A

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