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In an initiative that gained traction on Twitter with the hashtag #GraciasVacunadorxs, after 7:00 p.m. local time, many expressed their gratitude to those faces who in different parts of the country perform the vital task of preserving life amid the hunt. An epidemic that changed the world forever.

Officials, through social organizations, political blocs and the general public have joined in this initiative to get to know the people who no rest, no holidays or weekends have fought this battle for months to vaccinate the population as quickly as possible.

First with a photo and messages on social networks and then an invitation at 22:00 local time to go out to the door or balcony to greet the health staff and the vaccinators, this is how this proposal arose that seeks to shed light on who they are today. “Putting a dose of hope on the shoulders of Argentines and Argentines.”

To put the body into the largest vaccination campaign in history, the hope of getting back to the life we ​​want. Thank you to the vaccinators and the vaccinators,” wrote on his official Twitter account Chief of Staff of the Nation Santiago Cafiero, while the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kiselov, highlighted the commitment, dedication and love of all those who made this process possible.

Hundreds of users have come out to post their photos with their card, which records the time of the vaccination, while others thank the men and women who do the job, as well as the essential work of doctors and nurses.

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The initiative coincided with the maximum number that the country reached in applying Covid-19 vaccines in one day, which is 356,454 people.

According to the Ministry of Health, from Thursday, May 27 to Friday, June 4, they have applied one million 823 thousand 824 doses of various vaccines that the country has to confront the epidemic.

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