Guillermo Ochoa asks fans not to repeat the cry against the United States

Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa has sent a powerful message to tricolor fans to stamp out the anti-gay outcry that is re-emerging in Denver.

The goalkeeper, before the final of the CONCACAF Nations League, commented on the importance of erasing this exclamation from the stadiums, because his contribution is invalid and may affect the national team in the future.

We ask the fans to stop crying [homofóbico] This doesn’t help us at all… Leave it for now, ask the Mexican national team players, because in the long run it can hurt us”, said Francisco Guillermo, who will cover tomorrow, Sunday, the goal scorer against the United States.

Although all players have been absent from the stadiums in the past 15 months, Ochoa explained that “Ehh…fucking”, which reappeared in the stadiums of the Sports Authority, should be erased when Mexico faced Costa Rica.

Gerardo Martino, the coach of Tricolor, also asked the same from the Patriots fans.

“[En caso de repetirse] The penalties of the authorities can reach the maximum, since we can no longer do anything. “It would be good if you listen to the call for interest and show respect,” the Argentine said.



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