Spanish indifference: no ambassador to the UK for four months | Tourism news

Spain plays a lot in the UK but it doesn’t seem to be the case. For four months, Spain did not have an ambassador in Great Britain who could defend national interests and lobby for English tourists to return to the Spanish tourist areas as soon as possible.

Carlos Pastareschi said goodbye to the Spanish ambassador to the United Kingdom and the Spanish Embassy in London has been vacant for a long time. Business representatives are now complaining about this, who regret that no one in Sanchez’s government is pressuring tourists to return to Spain, where there are regions with a better infection rate than Great Britain.

At the request of the government, Bastaresh temporarily remained in the position, while the name of the person who would replace him was determined.

But February arrived, and there was no reply, and the ambassador returned to notify his departure wisely for several weeks, though this time he made it clear that he would not extend his stay again. And the diplomat left his place in London, according to what El Pais newspaper reported a few days ago.

British tourism will not be in Spain for at least three weeks when Johnson’s government reviews the traffic light, with tourist areas on the “amber list”, which requires a ten-day quarantine if returning to the UK, as well as various PCR tests.

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