Are you a trained doctor? Do social service in the army or air force

For those trained in the profession and medicine, the National Defense Secretariat (Our master) Issuing the call for the social service of medicineAugust 2021 promoFor a social service job in Military health steps Either in the army or the air force. There will be a monthly subsidy of 3,673 pesos per month. All details can be found in the dependency section of And also in their social networks

Trainee requirements:

  • Take the last year of your medical degree.
  • Get an average of 8 minimum.
  • Evidence of good behaviour.
  • Refer to your university.
  • A copy of valid voter credentials (the address must match the address that appears in the commitment letter, if not, you can send proof of address).
  • A copy of the credential, which certifies you as a student at the educational institution (if you graduate, send proof of accreditation as a student on campus).
  • A copy of CURP
  • Federal Taxpayer Register.
  • A copy of the insurance policy.
  • A letter of commitment (issued by the educational department in hospitals).

the support. There is a monthly grant in the amount of dAnd 3673 pesos Along with other additional benefits.

  • Medical service for the duration of your stay in the clinical areas, as an insolvent civilian patient.
  • Educational materials subsidy in the amount of 1,100.00 MN (thirdto).
  • Compensation equivalent to a month’s grant in the amount of $3,673 at the end of social service
  • food service.

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