Archery: historic gold for Spain’s Renewable Arch team at the World Cup

aA year and a half later, the World Cup shooting event was held again. Guatemala City hosted a test The Spanish retro arc men’s team achieved first place for the first time in its history.

distance Defeating Guatemala (6: 0), India (on the tiebreaker arrow) and France (6: 2) on Friday in the round of sixteen, quarter-finals and semi-finals, respectively.Miguel Alvario, Daniel Castro and Pablo Asha played the final against the United States led by Brady Ellison.

Miguel Alvario, Daniel Castro and Pablo Asha They won the first two sets with a score of 55:54, and fell in the third set, 51:55. And in the fourth, they scored 57 points, capped an extraordinary 10 from Pablo in the last arrow, with 56 from Ellison, Riqua and Scarborough.

Danny Castro, silver

Dani Castro won the silver in the men’s singles competition. In the final, Indian Atano Das was measured. The first group fell on the Indian side 29:28, while Castro won the next two sets at 28:26 and 29:27 respectively. With a 4–2 endorsement, the poor group from Jalishi (24:28) gave Das two group points, so the gold medal would be resolved in the fifth and final set.

Danny signed a fantastic 29, but it wasn’t enough for the Indian’s three dozen scores to clinch the gold medal. Miguel Alvario was in seventh place. In addition, the women’s recurve bow team took fourth place, while the Ins de Velasco team took fifth place in the singles event.

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