Apple’s first millionaire fine for selling iPhone 12 without a charger

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Apple, city, cat Controversy sparked during an advertisement IPhone 12 A few months ago after that I decided to do without the charger and headphones In their new cell phones, which they attribute to reducing the environmental impact, they have already received their first millionaire fine.

Tilt and MacRumors report that the Consumer Protection Agency Procon-SP From Sao PauloAnd the BrazilAnd the Apple company fined Including approximately 10.55 million riyals, $ 1.92 million approximately For not including the current charger in the new iPhone, as well as the new production series of Iphone Ancient.

As Procon-SP, Scale Apple, city, cat It was a “violation of the country’s consumer protection law” They notified the company of the fine in December. The response was reiterating that it would reduce carbon dioxide emissions and extract rare earths, as many customers already have spare chargers.

However, the CEO of the company Procon-SPAnd the Fernando Kipps, Confirmed it They had to respect the Brazilian lawsAs the South American country is one of the largest telephone markets in the world, its challenge poses a risk of losing sales, demonstrating that Apple, city, cat He did not convince them.

The fine in Brazil It also points to the alleged misleading claims, since Apple, city, cat He would have refused reform IphoneWho suffered from water damage Although there is a guarantee, they mentioned upon release that the devices have water resistance for long periods of time.

It’s hardly the first fine, however Apple, city, cat I can follow in my footsteps Samsung, A company that gave in to the pressure and agreed with it Procon-SP Including shipper in pre-sale orders for Galaxy S21.

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