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Everyone has their favorite color because it represents harmony and peace. It can be red, pink, fuchsia, yellow, purple, or dark shades such as blue, black, brown, dark green, or, for some people, navy blue. In the coming days, WhatsApp will completely change the tone of your conversations so you can enjoy a new way to express how you feel with all your friends.. While we wait for that to arrive, I'll give you a simple, free trick to try on your Android device today. This is the option to activate “Beige Mode”. How is it done? What requirements must I meet? You only have one device on hand. Of course, I do not recommend downloading applications that act as mods because they may harm your device.

How to activate “Beige Mode” in WhatsApp

  • The first step will be to log into your favorite browser and Find the image of the beige WhatsApp icon.
  • Try to make it in Transparent and PNG format for good results.
  • Also make sure to save this to your gallery.
  • Once this is done, Touch The second step is to download the Nova Launcher app on your Android device.
WhatsApp | Click on the WhatsApp icon and the same menu as My Me will appear, so you can press “Edit”. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanki)
  • You can use this .
  • Open it and you will see that you can completely customize your smartphone's home screen: Icons, apps, search bar, light or dark mode, etc..
  • When you are accepted, go to Settings, applications and default applications.
  • Go to launcher option and Change the personalization layer of your cell phone to Nova Launcher.
WhatsApp | In this way you have to select the new icon size style and click on “Done”. (Photo: Debor – Room Yubanki)
  • now Place the WhatsApp icon on the front page of your cell phone. Click on it and a nice menu will appear..
  • Click where it says “Edit”, then tap on the app logo again, choose the Apps, Photos option and choose the image you downloaded previously.
  • Select its size and then you should click on “Done”.
  • however You will now have a “Beige Mode” on WhatsApp so you can show it to all your friends.
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