Apple turns 45: This was the origin of the nibbled apple logo

The Apple logo is found on a large number of devices. Photo: AFP

From Mac computers to Iphone And now to services like the App Store, Apple turns 45 on Thursday Of existence.

Cupertino, which has always been strongly committed since its inception to design, photography and marketing, offers new services such as: an Apple TV +, Apple Card, News +, Apple Arcade, and Entre otros.

Why is the Apple logo considered as a bite apple?

Rob Janoff, the designer who Apple logo makingIn 2009, it highlighted the origin of the apple logo.

“It’s a wonderful urban legend.”Logo designer said.

Janoff explained it The nibble of the Apple logo originally served a very practical purpose: to provide a clear view of what an apple is. The bite size indicates that the shape is the shape of an apple, not a cherry or any other vaguely round fruit.

What’s more, Logo De apple It is found in a large number of devices of various sizes. If you don’t nibble on an apple, it might look like another fruit, such as a cherry, if the logo is too small. By having a bite, the proportions are better determined regardless of the size of the bite..

Myths of the biting apple logo

Other theories, such as the logo indicating that Eva is nibbling at the forbidden fruit or Newton’s discovery of gravity, They are the wrong origins.

The most widespread and popular myth is that Apple bite an Apple Tribute to Alan Turing, The British mathematician who cracked the secret code of the Nazis and who played a major role in World War II. He is considered one of the pioneers of modern computing and it is known that Steve Jobs had a special affection for him.

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Turing was convicted in 1952 of homosexuality and He was found dead days later next to a bitten apple, poisoned with cyanide. This story has not been confirmed.

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