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With an important career in theatre, actor Antonio Dinetro is now exploring the world of soap operas, with his participation in “La Venganza de las Juanas” via Netflix. He also produces and performs in the play “Travesías” which has a short season at the Hellenic Theater in Mexico City.

“I’m changing my destination, my career has been largely in theatre, and now I’m moving towards other languages ​​like the platform series. It’s something new to me, a language I know but I’m very happy to learn a lot and enjoy everything that this has brought me,” said Antonio Dinetro.

In the series, Antonio plays the villain Rogelio Marroquín in his youth, which means an important experience in his career.

“He is a great character that I had to play, he is a politician and a strong man, he has a lot to offer in history.”

Antonio Dinetro shares this character in his current version with actor Fernando Pesril.

Since the premiere of the series “La Venganza de las Juanas” has remained for several weeks in the list of the top ten most-watched on Netflix Mexico, which means an important success for this production.

“I am really very grateful for the production, and I am very happy with the messages that the audience sends me, through social networks they give me their comments or send me photos that they really liked.”

At the same time, the actor continues in the theater in the second season of the play “Travesías” that deals with the phenomenon of migration and invites us to think about the necessity of taking different journeys, in order to search for new alternatives to life, even if it means moving away from the roots that saw us being born.

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“In addition to acting, I am entering as a producer, which is also a new challenge, with all the complications that the pandemic has and some obstacles that have emerged, but we have a very good response from the audience and that gives us great relief.”

This offer will run with offers until November 21 during both Fridays at 20:00; Saturdays at 7:00 pm and Sunday at 6:00 pm at the Greek Theatre.

This month, Antonio Dinetro celebrates 10 years of acting, and it was clear from a young age that this was the career path he wanted to take.

“Since I remember that I liked this in acting, I doubted at some point between being an archaeologist, or studying languages ​​or some gastronomy because I liked cooking; but the truth is that acting has been a constant in my life and it is a bit hereditary also, because My grandfather was an actor, my mom was an actor and my dad also worked as an actor for a while. My career started 10 years ago when I did my first professional play and I am very happy because I was 10 years of experience, I love to keep learning, this profession always teaches me something new.”

Antonio Dinetro holds a degree in Acting from the National School of Theater Arts at the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature. With studies in acting for film through the Uta Hagen method taught by Alejandro Bracho, acting for film taught by Luis Manduki. Specialization in Acting/The Linklater Method by Christine Linklater in Orkney, Scotland, UK Shakespeare Exploration Workshop sponsored by the British Council, England, UK.

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He took part in the cinema in the feature film “Juegos demoniados” directed by Angel Amador. And in the short film “The Sleeping Dragon” by Andres K. Espinosa.

The plays in which he participated are: “Don Juan Tenorio by Jose Zorrilla” by Jose Solé, “Travisias de Jose Caballero” by Jose Caballero and Octavio Michel Grau, “Tells Poblanos” by Manuel Regadas, “A Journey Over the Ocean by Berault Brecht by Irma Juana Olmedo,” “My Husband Doesn’t Understand” …

He participated on TV in the series “Oral Trials” on the channel once and currently in “La Venganza de las Juanas”.

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