Another 139 migrants have arrived in the UK via the English Channel

LONDON, June 3 (Prensa Latina), Britain’s Ministry of Defense said today that at least 139 more migrants have arrived in the UK irregularly, after crossing the English Channel on six inflatable boats.

According to the authorities, the number includes individuals who were spotted landing in southern England or intercepted on the high seas and brought ashore by Navy ships.

Unofficial data put the number of migrants arriving in the UK via the English Channel at more than 8,000 so far this year, while in 2021, it is estimated that at least 28,000 will arrive.

The crossing from the northern coast of France has been maintained despite the fact that this week the British government announced that on June 14 it would begin deporting all those arriving in Rwanda irregularly.

The plan, designed by London as part of a controversial reform of the asylum system, envisages that migrants will have to remain in camps built by Rwandan authorities while the UK processes their applications for residence.

But more than 160 British charities, humanitarian and religious societies, as well as a number of opposition MPs and the ruling party, are calling on the government to retract the project, considering it inhumane.

The majority also question the legality, functionality and efficacy of the plan drawn up by London to try to stem the wave of migrants crossing the English Channel to seek asylum in the UK.

For its part, the United Nations refugee agency accused the British government of trying to “export” its obligations to provide asylum, and urged it to scrap the idea.

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