30 premieres to watch this weekend on Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, and Movistar+ June 3-5: The boys are back

After the epic duel between Netflix and Disney last week, things this weekend are a little calmer. But even so, it’s a weekend of 30 premieres, no less like the return of some very different superheroes than those you normally see in Marvel’s MCU movies.

This is the day the boys return with the long-awaited boys season 3, It shows what happens when superheroes who are popular as celebrities, as powerful as politicians, and valued like gods, abuse their superpowers instead of using them for the greater good. Determined to stop corrupt superheroes, The Boys, a group of vigilantes, continue their heroic quest to uncover the truth about The Seven and Vought.

In Disney+ we have cc first season, A series about the extraordinary life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. The series takes a new look at the life of the Empress and reveals a multi-layered woman. That’s why, and to complement the premiere, Disney + also brings Sisi movie trilogy Filmed in the 1950s, with iconic Romy Schneider directed by Ernst Marishka.

And I remind you that you already have it on HBO Max Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, Fulfilling the rule that 45 days after theatrical release, the title is already on HBO Max. Which is that you already have the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts saga available, controversial due to the change of actor (from Johnny Depp to Mads Mikkelsen), the least successful installment of the three, and many anticipating that the next installment will be via a mini-series on HBO Max.

And on Prime Video Venice, forAlex de la Iglesia’s latest frenzy in the form of a “tourist” slasher: the pain of recent decades unleashed anger among Venetians. To stop the invasion, some organized themselves, unleashing their survival instinct. A small group of Spanish tourists who travel to Venice with the intent of having fun, oblivious to the problems that surround them, will have to fight to save their lives.

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June 3

two chapters

summer challenge

perfect mother

Moms Club

June 4

Barbie: It takes two

netflix movies june 2022

June 3


June 4


Anwar Simako’s prayer

Netflix Documents June 2022

June 3

The Floor is Lava! Season 2

Eric Jensen, police or criminal?

June 4

twilight yakuza

Moovstar + Movies June 2022

Friday 3

Poppy seed bread with lemon

First offer by M + (order 30). Benito Zambrano tells this story about friendship, motherhood, family…and the secrets hidden in a bread recipe. Based on the novel of the same title by Cristina Campos, Zamprano defines “Lemon Bread with Poppy Seeds” as “the story of two sisters with different ways of seeing life, but with the same desire: to be free, to be happy and to be loved, because they are also two different women.” Complete and unhappy.

Saturday 4

freak out. Live premiere

First offer by M + (order 11). Six David di Donatello, an audience award at the Rotterdam Festival and several awards at the Venice Film Festival, won this mix of historical drama and fantastic thriller, an amazing story about being “different” set in Nazi Rome.

Movies & Movistar Series June 2022

Friday 3

demons. season 2

Series 2 by M + (order 12) and from Sat 4 (ask for 32). Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) and Alessandro Borghi (Suburra) return in this addictive thriller set in the financial world. In season two, there is a leap in time to 2020, the year of Brexit, with the UK leaving the European Union. Every Friday a new episode until the eighth completion. Catch Up: Season One is now available.

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June 3

The Boys, Season Three

Clifford. big red dog

Disney + Movies June 2022

June 3

stargirl in hollywood

fire island


Empress Sisi

Sisi’s fate

Disney Documentaries + June 2022

June 3

pirate city secrets

Dr.. Jade: An Unexpected Life

Non-Cross: The Allen Iverson Trial

This magical moment

Survive and progress

free souls

Films Two Films June 2022

June 3

June again

A touching and popular Australian comedy drama about a woman with dementia who sets out on a clear day to reunite her children.

royal game

Based on Stefan Zweig’s latest novel, this disturbing historical film takes us to the Nazi-occupied city of Vienna.

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