Presidential tour to learn about local development projects in Guatemala

The working meeting was held on Friday by the mayors of San Marcos and its governor Luis Carlos Vásquez, who followed through on the implementation of the work required the previous year in a similar meeting with officials in the Cabinet and President Alejandro Giamatti.

Yesterday, the President inaugurated the second round of the 2022 meetings at the National Palace of Culture in the capital, where five technical tables were set, coordinated by ministers and deputy ministers, as well as by the executive coordination bodies of the Presidency of the Republic and Planning. and programming.

Depending on follow-up and technical support, it addresses specific issues such as culture, development, economics and work: infrastructure, environment, energy; Agriculture, food, health and education.

The purpose is to resolve queries or doubts of mayors regarding commitments with priority programmes, projects and interventions within the framework of urban and rural development policy.

The day before, Giamatti had noted in his welcome message that “340 strong municipalities make a strong country.”

“Presidential tours are an example of unity and participation, as there are no partisan colors, as one vision of transformation is shared in our beloved Guatemala,” he said.

On this occasion, the government is following up 3,271 requests from local governments, which is equivalent to 1,583 commitments, according to the Planning Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

In addition, construction is 228 percent 99 percent complete, 299 is 66 percent complete, and the latter is nearing completion.

The business meetings will continue until July 1, until the completion of the participation of 340 municipalities in the country.

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