Andy Murray’s mother, Jodi, is concerned about the ‘physical strength advantages’ of transgender athletes

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Judy Murray He raised concerns about incorporating transgender people into sports. In heated debate in countries like United State And the SpainThe opinion of the tennis coach’s mother dew And the JimmyBoth are heroes Wimbledon in different categories. in the magazine Radio TimesShe explains that female athletes may find it “frightening” to regularly compete against transgender athletes with “obvious physical advantages”.

“It can be really frustrating for female athletes to feel that they can train for years to get to any level and then get knocked out or defeated by someone who was born with an advantage in physical strength. I don’t know much about that and it’s incredibly complicated, but it’s important to do a lot of research to get there. A fair solution. Where there are obvious material advantages, the governing bodies involved in setting the rules have to do very well.”

Before he received the attacks on his statements, he had already gained institutional support. Scottish MP Joanna Sherry She endorsed Judy Murray’s words: “Expresses concern about the inclusion of transgender women in sport. The legitimate concerns of women around the world, including pioneering female athletes such as Martina Navratilova. Society is willing to defend Jodi if she is attacked for it.”

It also refers to the reversal made by the tennis star two years ago as well. Navratilova has sparked a fierce debate about transgender women in sports after claiming that they are “cheating” unless they undergo irreversible surgery to change their skeleton. He later apologized for using the word “cheating” and promised to help find a solution to what he called the “transgender problem”.

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to cheat

On Spainfeminist sectors such as those advocated by the group against the erasure of women They reject this implication entirely, as they see in it a way of taking these categories “by people who have a competitive advantage over the athletes”.

Ángeles Alvarezformer deputy of the Socialist Workers Party, participated in The First International Conference in Defense of Women’s Sports Categories He explained that “promoting laws that infringe math rights is not exhaustive,” but rather an “attempt to play fair women.” “We will not tolerate cheating,” he said.

In case Leah Thomas The most influential. This young trans swimmer competes in National Collegiate Athletic Association from the United States. I did it as a girl team. At the moment, he is breaking all records. The criticism they give him most often is that when he was will He did not win races. Now, rivaling women with this name, she is number one. This Tuesday, Jodi Murray added fuel to the fire.

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