Ander Barrio and Eneritz Iraola win the Martin Viz de Vitoria marathon

Ander Barrio and Enrettes Iraola won the 19th edition of the Martin Viz de Vitoria Marathon in which more than 2,000 athletes participated on Sunday.

Good weather accompanied the runners who ran through the streets of the Basque capital on flat terrain, helping to finish them off with good times.

Barrio was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 2:35:25. Two minutes later, Juan Alberto Carrascal (2:37:38) arrived and Tonin Blanco completed the podium with a time of 2:39:58.

Eneritz Iraola dominated the women with a time of 3:20:57, while Susana Lopez crossed the finish line three minutes later with a time of 3:23:58. The third best mark was Lourdes Alonso who finished the marathon in 3:26:40.

On the half-marathon route, the fastest was Borja Abecia (1:09:54), who beat Gustavo Sanchez in the last meters by 14 seconds. Third on the podium was Thomas Shaw, who finished in 1:10:21, after a very tight race.

For the girls, Sarah Trails was the best with a time of 1:26:49, ahead of Maria Teresa Inigo (1:29:24) and Ines Martinez (1:29:50).

Pablo Benito and Pilar Moran were the fastest at 10 km. Benito stopped the stopwatch at 30:25, while Moran finished at 36:29.

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