“The Snow Society” is among the 10 most-watched non-English language films in Netflix history in just 11 days | the television

Netflix announces a major milestone for Snow Association. JA Bayona, which arrived on the platform on January 4, is already among the films The 10 most watched non-English language films in history From the platform. With data as of last Sunday, January 14, the drama that follows the survivors of the 1972 plane crash in the Andes, garnered 51 million equivalent views in its first 11 days available in the catalog.

The list records the data obtained by titles in their first 91 days, so the Spanish production has a margin of another 80 days to add more views and continue its rise. Number one is occupied by Norway trollWith 103 million equivalent views. Another Spanish success Through my windowin fourth place with 61 million.

The views are equivalent because it is a number that does not translate into millions of screens that watched the film. The 51 million Snow Association This means that Netflix users have consumed the necessary number of minutes to complete 51 million views of a 2-hour and 24-minute movie. Some have watched the movie three times, others have only watched it 10 minutes. Furthermore, it refers to the number of screens and not the number of viewers, because in some cases each run of a movie or series may have more than one person watching behind that screen. So the reach of Bayona's new work is greater than the 51 million viewers reported in Netflix's data.

The film still has a chance to receive an Oscar nomination in the Best International Film category, and is also being shown in theaters in Spain. Although Netflix does not provide box office data to Comscore, the private theater audience measurement company, it is required by law to provide this to the Ministry of Culture. in Website of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) shows that Snow AssociationWhich arrived in theaters on December 15, in its first days it collected 1,640,801.41 euros and 240,467 spectators. This number is awaiting update, but so far it has managed, in its first two weeks of release, to rank as the 11th most watched Spanish film in theaters in 2023. [A través de este enlace puede consultarse el listado provisional del ICAA que, al ser elaborado por Comscore, no incluye al título de Bayona]

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“Berlin” is approaching the top ten in history

In the step series section Berlin Netflix explains in publishing its metrics that the company is hitting just as many wins. introduction to Stealing money Starring Pedro Alonso, Tristan Ulloa, and Michelle Jenner, among others, it has topped the list of most-watched non-English language series for three consecutive weeks.

Accessed the catalog on December 29, 2023, through January 14, 2023, It collects 42.3 million equivalent views With its eight chapters. If we compare its weekly data with the list of English-speaking series, Berlin It remains the second most watched film even among American blockbusters and British titles, surpassed only by the British film. Tricks. With these numbers and these strong results, it is also close to becoming the same One of the most watched non-English speaking series From the history of the podium, a ranking that concludes the third season for the French lupine, With 50 million equivalent views.

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