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President Opening of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Yesterday three branches Luxury Bank in Mexico City, the events in which he took the opportunity to recognize the work of Claudia Sheinbaum at the head of the country’s capital.

“It is always a pleasure and a great satisfaction to visit the communities, towns, neighbourhoods, and districts of Mexico City, because it is a very sister, supportive and, moreover, well governed city Claudia SheinbaumThe president of the first branch opened in Gustavo A. Madero.

This headquarters is the first of out of 700 thousand That there will be all over the country and it is intended to disperse scholarship and pension resources for Federal social programs.

The president is accompanied by Sheinbaum and the Chancellor of the ExchequerRogelio Ramirez de la O gave a card to Maria Elena Salas Lopez, a recipient of the old-age pension. He stated that with this institution he will go to the bank 25 million families The benefit to the elderly will double in 2024.

He added that there are future plans for these two 1700 branches They are also responsible for scattering bureaucrats’ payroll and even receiving remittances sent from citizens of the Arab Republic of Egypt.United States to Mexico.

The president confirmed that his administration has been scattered this year 350 billion pesos, Although he comments that he still faces the problem of providing support to those who live in very remote communities.

In this sense, he lamented that there is no far away Bank branches Not even in all municipal seats. In this regard, he mentioned that across the country there 1500 branches around Two thousand and 500 municipalities.

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He added that the establishment of this bank is “a dream come true” because “now with these branches this service is getting closer to the people.” He also mentioned that they will be next year 450 billion pesos Those that are offered with the social programs of the government and by 2023 it was considered that the benefits will reach 600 billion pesos Noting that they were erected in the building.

Yesterday the president opened two more bank branches in Mexico City, one in Iztapalapa and another in Tláhuac.

On the matter, Sheinbaum Pardo commented that now the citizens of the capital will have the right to get Bank account.

“The commercial banks, in general, they are addressed to a section of the population; the presence of bank branches close to citizens, where there are none; But, in addition, the possibility of obtaining an account luxury bank, It opens up a possibility, too, that is very wonderful to all those, not just those who receive social software, with resources that come from below and boost the economy, but also open up great potential for families who receive these resources.”

The president thanked the president for the major investment he is making in the city, “which goes – as you said – from the bottom up,” she said.

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Sheinbaum Pardo said that the luxury bank It also has the ideology of bringing rights to the people. “For us, the big change that is with it Fourth transformation It is this change from the neoliberal paradigm, where there were no rights, but everything was considered a good or a privilege: education as a privilege, a commodity; health and housing And all rights.”

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He pointed out that there is a union between The Government of Mexico and the Government of Mexico City They worked together.

“For the good of all, the poor first, says President Lopez Obrador,” concluded the President. With information from Hilda Escalona | mexico sun

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