American Express is introducing its global Shop Small® program to Peru for the first time

Lima, Peru. American Express will implement for the first time in Peru the Shop Small® program, whose main goal is to encourage purchases in small businesses, which now more than ever need the largest possible support. Shop Small® will be launched in the country through Cornershop, a technology platform for delivery orders in supermarkets and specialty stores that brings together various local brands. For purchases over S / 100 made at participating companies, customers who use American Express® Cards will receive an S / 50 discount on their next five purchases. This means you can get up to £ 250 in total accumulated discount. This alliance seeks to increase the sales of more than 100 small companies registered on the Cornershop platform, which corresponds to more than 92% of all companies registered in the application.

Within the framework of Shop Small, American Express conducted a study by IPG Media Brands, involving 101 companies and 404 consumers in Peru, which provides important data on the changes that have emerged and the challenges the epidemic has left in business. And some consumer habits.

American Express has an ongoing commitment to local businesses. Currently, according to the company’s study of businesses and consumers, 44% of companies have had to reduce operations, but at the same time, 45% have implemented sales-related solutions through digital platforms. American Express to develop business for the Andean region, supporting them is part of American Express’s commitment because we recognize that business is an important part of the country’s economic revitalization.

An American Express spokeswoman also explained, according to the study, that among the measures that small businesses have developed in this position, in order of importance, are delivery (43%); Offer promotions or discounts (35%), and extend or amend business hours (25%). Finally, the study revealed that “94% of consumers decide to focus their purchases on small, specialized and nearby businesses, because they feel this is the way they are helping the community,” he explained.

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For his part, Marinos van Gestel, president of Cornershop in Latin America, expressed confidence that initiatives such as Shop Small strengthen consumers’ relationship with small businesses in their environment, with modernity associated with the development of technological platforms such as its own. According to the study, 45% of consumers consider that to make a purchase in a small company, they must offer home delivery, but at the same time, 58% of companies say they implement delivery service logistics the main challenge is compliance with all protocols There is precisely the added value that we provide to companies, “Van Gestel explained.

The alliance is leveraging the support technology platforms such as Cornershop have achieved for the benefit of small businesses by providing them with logistical services through a delivery service with all necessary protocols, allowing them to continue operating in a safe manner. Additionally, they have allowed companies to have a sales channel through e-commerce, without the need to develop a channel themselves.

American Express believes that small businesses are essential to Peru’s economy, as they create jobs and help societies recover. With Shop Small®, the brand is strengthening its support for merchants so that they can have more tools to revitalize their business while communicating with consumers through the special promotional offer provided with the cards.

Shop Small® was founded in the United States in 2010 with the goal of promoting purchases in small businesses and independent stores, and creating more opportunities for the growth of small businesses that are the engine of the economy. Due to its success, the American Express Shop Small® program has a presence in many countries around the world, highlighting its path in markets such as the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, and Australia.

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