Discover Queen Letizia’s daily menu

A few days ago we knew Daily list of Elizabeth II from UK, To understand his remarkable health at the age of 95. However, the diet is also necessary to maintain it Look good This is what Queen Letizia has in mind. The Spanish Queen is always in the spotlight when it comes to her style – marked by following the latest fashion trends – and To an enviable physique He is 48 years old. But, too, many mentioned “extreme thinness”, which unleashed all kinds of criticism. Well, to clear up some of your doubts, we tell you that Felipe VI’s wife is still Follow a healthy diet For years.

An omelette of three eggs for breakfast

As reported by ABC, Letizia herself has confirmed that she usually has breakfast An omelette with three eggs every morning with green tea. This piqued the curiosity of many, so the newspaper consulted several experts to learn more about the Queen’s diet. The conclusion was clear: follow Berecon Diet.

This method, invented by Doctor Pericon, is very popular with celebs who want to combat the effects of aging. That is, it is Anti-aging Integrated, which not only helps take care of the line, but also enhances it Skin vitality, showing care and avoiding the appearance of wrinkles. Eva Mendes or Uma Truman are celebrities who have declared that they like this diet.

Blue fish and vegetables for lunch

Specific, Salmon It’s one of the stellar diet products, but likes some others Mackerel or sardines They are also involved. Sometimes you can choose Soup or leafy greensThese include chard, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, lettuce, watercress, chard, thistle, cabbage, kale or turnip, topped with olive oil and lemon juice.

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Salmon for lunch.  Mackerel or sardines are also popular


Usually the queen eats in the middle of the afternoon Turkey or dairy Like yogurt, hazelnuts, or a piece of fruit.

Yogurt, hazelnuts, or fruit as a snack

More vegetables for dinner

When night falls, Letizia takes possession Vegetables On the dinner menu, include steamed foods such as asparagus, broccoli, or spinach and eat again A piece of fruit.

Vegetables for dinner: a bowl of spinach (bigstockphoto)

After that, he usually takes an injection.

No soda, sugar or coffee

The Perricone Diet, as is often the case with other treatment regimens, contains A. Food blacklist That is strictly forbidden to cause Face sagging and fatigue. Some are:

  • rice
  • sugar
  • Cafe
  • Bottled fruit juices
  • Light refreshments

Oatmeal and natural dairy products

On the other hand, he insists on consuming those who are considered SuperfoodsWhich is very good at slowing aging thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. All of them are included in the Queen’s daily menu. For example, you have to frequently consume:

  • Natural dairy products
  • Wild salmon
  • oatmeal
  • olive oil
  • Green leafy vegetables

Of course, the system maintains Basic rules Don’t smoke, drink a lot of water, play sports – Queen Letizia is very fond of her al yogaAlcohol-free to keep you healthy.

Experts say that after 28 days, the traces of the Perricone diet are already visible. However, it is not a method that should be followed on an ongoing basis. We still don’t know whether the Queen follows him repeatedly or only once in a while, when she wants to “clean” her skin.

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