America is widely preferred for sweeping Japan

Olympic Games

Tokyo, Japan.The United States will once again top the medal list at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, with China and Russia lagging behind with a significant improvement in the domestic Japanese delegation, which will rise to fourth place with the best results in its history, according to expectations. It was published by data analytics company Gracenote about 100 days ago.

According to this hypothetical medal table, the United States will get 114 medals, China 85 and Russia 73.
They will be followed by Japan, which scored 53 podiums, compared to 41 at Rio 2016, which was already their best post ever. In addition, in the gold medals section, the Japanese delegation can move from 12 to 34.

So far, Japan’s maximum gold medal award has been identical to the games in Tokyo in 1964 and Athens in 2004 with 16 points. The Netherlands will, with surprising news, take the fifth step of the medal table with 46 podiums, 27 over 19 out of five years. Ago.

France (41 medals), Australia (40), the United Kingdom (36), Germany (34) and Italy (33) will occupy the top ten in the table.

Latin america

Another seventeenth.
It will correspond to Brazil, while Cuba’s 23rd, the two best locations for Latin America.

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