Amazon offers 1 billion for an exclusive NFL package

Amazon is negotiating to broadcast the NFL. The National Football League is negotiating new broadcast rights agreements, with the goal of doubling its existing revenues. The e-commerce giant is aiming to play a major role based on an exclusive Thursday Nights $ 1 billion deal of the season.

The contract Amazon is negotiating is for the NFL games on Thursday, according to reports The Wall Street Journal. If confirmed, it will be The platform’s largest sports rights deal so farThe entry into force will be postponed until the 2022-2023 season.

Currently, under the contract signed in 2020, Amazon owns the broadcast rights for the NFL games Thursday night for which it pays $ 75 million Depending on the season. Some non-exclusive rights, as it shares them with Fox and NFL Network.

Reportedly, the new deal will make Thursday night’s games unavailable on television outside of each team’s local markets, in a deal similar to that of Espn for Monday’s games.

New NFL TV deals are set to be signed early next week. The competition is sealing long-term deals, up to 11 years, with Fox, CBS, NBC and Espn for the Sunday and Monday matches.. The agreement with Espn will take effect after the 2021-2022 season, while Fox, CBS and NBC contracts will come into effect after 2022-2023.

In Prime Video, the sport has grown exponentiallyOne of the originals is All or Nothing, where the Manchester City series, Tottenham Hotspur or Fernando Alonso are located, ”Hernando Moncaliano, Head of Amazon’s Sports District in Spain and Italy, explained to Palco23.“ We have good opportunities in Germany or Italy or the Kingdom United with the Champions League or Roland Garros in France, “acknowledging that it is” an upcoming trend, and it will not stop it, but I do not do it. I know if it’s going to double it. After changing the CEO of the company, with Andy Gacy replacing Jeff Bezos.

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