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The authorities of the Morelos State Autonomous University (UAEM) presented the “Amateur Festival” which will be held in various locations in Morelos from March 28 to April 2; Which aims to promote cultural, environmental and academic development through various forms of artistic expression with symbolic elements of our being.

In a press conference, spokesperson Francisco Lopez Galvez stated that this festival is a collaborative project between the UAE and the National Fund for Culture and Arts (Fonca), through the Support System for Creativity and Cultural Projects (SACPC).

“The Amati Festival is a comprehensive cultural development project that brings together artistic and academic expressions and elements of symbolic identity in the region to generate collective experiences of coexistence and access to knowledge and knowledge,” said Francisco López-Gálvez.

A communal space for the Amate Festival Building, through science and art, will be held in person with appropriate health measures in different places in Cuernavaca, Gugotla, Cuautla, Giutepec, Tepoztlán and Tlítzipan, offering different academic and cultural activities.

“The sciences and the arts are fundamental, so it is necessary to have close cooperation with our highest house of studies.”

There will be participation of science professionals, researchers, artists and biologists.

In music, proposals will be mainly made by artists from Morelos such as Mandorla, Kamikaze Beat Band, Anvi Dúo, Rey Costa, Escucha Subversiva, Perla Fina, Pa Kongal as well as Son Rombi Pera.

The Amate Festival will be a platform to showcase the thematic activities of the United Arab Emirates, which are the academia, research and the dissemination of culture, which is why researchers not only publish articles in scientific journals or produce patents, but also capture them. Jose Mario Ordonez Palacios, Academic Secretary for the United Arab Emirates, said the results will have a positive impact on the life of the community. It will be an excellent opportunity to listen to conferences and round tables on current issues, along with music and the arts.

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During her speech, Sandra Lopez Trojec, Head of Administration and Oversight Department at the Directorate of Publications and Publishing, UAE, announced that the book “Challenges and Perspectives on Educational, Political and Economic Processes in the State of Morelos. Case Studies in Cuautla and Cuernavaca, March 29 at 2:00 p.m. , and work “Experiences and Research in Rural Development Processes”, March 31 at 11:00 AM, both at KGS.

Similarly, Guillermo Peimbert Frías, Technical Secretary of the Regional Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRIM) at the Morelos Campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), stated that “scientific publishing is currently about extending the benefits of culture to society, such as the translation of research results, which gives meaning It is a responsibility of public universities as a means of giving back to society what public resources allow.”

Karina Castillo Seguenza, Head of the Department of Culture of the United Arab Emirates, announced the activities of the Amit Festival, which is organized in three activity programs where music programming, nature tours, expeditions with ecosystem professionals in Morelos, conferences, lectures, editorial presentations and film clubs And workshops with the participation of researchers from the United Arab Emirates and UNAM.


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