Alejandro Puente as Sebas in Netflix series Rebel: Interview

Jordi Linares (JL): How was your first reading of the script when you found out what Sebas was like?

Alejandro Puente (AFP): I started reading earlier before we were all Castidos, I think I was one of the first, I started reading the project and Sebas, and I said “Wow, how aggressive, what’s going on here?”. It was good that I was able to do it on my own, by myself, because I was able to erase the preconceived notions and fears I might have had from playing Sebas, and when I had a first reading with everyone else Sebas could do a lot more honestly and from a less important point of view.

JL: The thing I love is that Sebas is the complete opposite of you. What references do you take or inspire you to come up with?

A: A lot. I guess, I don’t know if they all are, but at least I know a couple of people that remind me of Sebas, and it’s not a specific person, but a group of people and experiences that remind me of him, although there is a mention… A very Pinterest couple, a girl and a boy running under rain, and they give a kiss, though they seem not from Sebas, I think it’s something Sebas wants all the time, and It feels like it’s on Pinterest at the beginning of the story. It helped me a lot in understanding the beginning of Sebas.

JL: Record Rebelde, what memories did it bring to you from your own experience in high school?

AP: My high school wasn’t very stylishI have to say, but I do. Look at private parties, uniforms and copies of uniforms, They remind me of how I used to dress with my friends outside schoolWhen the governors of the Catholic school or their mothers wouldn’t scold me for wearing a tie or long hair, we’d go to someone’s house and put on different clothes. This reminds me of being a rebel outside of school.

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