Alberto Fernandez and Gabriel Borek attended a concert at CCK

Today, President Alberto Fernandez and his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Borek, attended a concert of the Argentine-Chilean brothers at the Kirchner Cultural Center, where they later shared a dinner.

The show featured musicians Manuel Garcia, Carmen Paz Gonzalez, Inti Ellemani, Elizabeth Morris, Nano Stern and Yorca, representing Chile, while Valen Bonito, Gisa, Georgina Hassan, Victor Heredia, Nadia Larch, Teresa Parodi and Nahuel Benesi, and Beatriz Becchi. Malen, Shitstem, Manu Sija and Chango Spasiuk for Argentina.

The play, which featured the characteristics of an orchestra, featured original compositions composed for the occasion, reflections of popular culture classics from both countries and included the songs of Violetta Parra, Victor Jara and Luis Alberto Spinetta, among other musicians.

In the morning, in Casa Rosada, Borek met Fernandez, accompanied by a large retinue. In the afternoon, the Chilean Head of State visited the National Congress where he was received by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, and the Interim President of the Senate, Claudia Abdullah Ledesma de Zamora.

The agenda of the youngest president in Chilean history will continue tomorrow when he opens the Business Forum of the Argentina-Chile Trade Commission, in which about 50 businessmen from both countries will participate and which will be held at the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He then comes to the ESMA Site Museum and visits two new exhibitions at the National Gallery of Fine Arts.

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