Coronavirus: The emergence of the XE variant of the coronavirus: more contagious than even a ‘silent’ micron

Theto World Health Organization (WHO) Do not tire of warning that this It’s not over yet. Although progress was made toward a new normal, as the matter was set in its day, The virus continues to spread around the world. During these two years they showed it The higher the movement, the higher the transmissionThus, the possibility of the virus mutating increases.

fact, The World Health Organization has reported the emergence of three new variants identified as XD, XF and XEThe latter is the most dangerous. XD and XF are a combination of delta and micronWhile XE results from a combination of the original micron variant (BA.1) and the dominant BA.2 chain (commonly known as the silent micron)..

XE: Micron + Silent Micron

The Covid XE variant It was first discovered in the UK in mid-January and has already reached places like Thailand and Israel. In fact, it is faster and more contagious Because according to the studies that have been done, it grows 10% faster than, for example, silent microphone.

Therefore, the micron has become the most infectious virus in history, and its subspecies is 70% more infectious than the original. The BA.2 subtype is prevalent in Spain and is the mutation that accounts for the most differences with respect to the original micron, which is why the combination of the two has alerted the scientific community.

The United Nations World Vaccine Report

according to According to a UN report dated the same March 2022, more than 2.8 billion people have not yet received a single dose Coronavirus vaccine. This prevents the epidemic from being eradicated, and as the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, it means Serious risk of the emergence of new variables from Covid-19.

The latest UNDP report confirms its warning about The “asymmetric” development in the distribution of vaccines against COVID-19. The data leaves no doubt.. As of today, only three percent of the population in countries considered poor have been vaccinated with at least one dose of the coronavirus. In high-income countries the proportion rises to 60%.

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