Ailton Krenac, the first original member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters

Brasilia (AFP) – Writer and environmentalist Aylton Krenak has become the first indigenous representative inducted into the Brazilian Academy of Letters, the institution announced Thursday.

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The academy said: “Aylton Krenak is a famous writer and a central figure in the indigenous literary movement in the country. His voice is essential in the current scenario, as he is a link between the rich cultural and historical heritage of indigenous peoples and national literature.” On Instagram.

The foundation, Brazil’s highest literary body, noted that the election of the poet and ethnophilosopher Krenac “reaffirms its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.”

Krenac, 70, who was elected with 23 votes out of 39, will occupy the seat vacated by the late historian Jose Murillo de Carvalho. In the historic race due to the number of registered candidates (15), another indigenous representative, author Daniel Munduruku, also competed.

Krenak gained media attention in 1987.

Dressed in an impeccable white suit, he painted his face black with tropical fruit grease – a symbol of sadness in his ethnic group – as he slowly called from the platform of the Constituent Assembly for laws that would protect Brazil’s indigenous communities.

Finally, the 1988 Constitution, drafted after the long military dictatorship (1964-1985), guaranteed indigenous people the right to occupy their ancestral lands designated by the state.

Krenak wrote several books, including “Ideas for Postponing the End of the World” and “Life is Not Useful,” translated into Spanish and other languages, according to local media.

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