Agriculture honors those who contribute to agricultural science

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Mexico City, December 23, 2023.- In recognition of her academic and research career and her contribution to the development of agricultural and aquaculture sciences, the Graduate School (COLPUS) awarded an honorary doctorate to the biologist and international consultant María Soledad Delgadillo. Tiburcio, academic statistician Barry Charles Arnold, and Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations in Rome, Miguel García Winder.

A statement indicated that the Teaching and Research Foundation in Agricultural Sciences, affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, honored those who contribute effort and work to developing innovations and technologies that focus on meeting new challenges and opportunities for the agricultural sector. The food sector in Mexico and the world.

The university has determined that this distinction is based on its regulations for academic recognition and on socially supported proposals by members of the college's academic community, who take into account contributions to issues of agriculture, environment and society, as well as science related to these areas of knowledge. .

The representative of the Minister of Agriculture and Chairman of COLBOS, Victor Manuel Villalobos Arambula, and the General Coordinator of Agriculture, Santiago Arguello Campos, stated that this recognition demonstrates the human greatness and professionalism of the agri-food sector.

He urged us to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of the winners in a way that contributes to strengthening the new generations of graduates of this school, which is considered a national reference, especially in solving the great challenges facing the countryside and seas of Mexico.

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He expressed Secretary Villalobos Arambula's congratulations to the three honorary doctors who were honored and welcomed the entire college community, which represents the public goods and services of the country's agri-food sector, as a source of science and innovation.

He acknowledged the presence of academics, researchers and authorities who symbolize the value, wealth and socio-academic mystery that characterizes this House of Studies, which on this occasion recognizes the path, status and contributions of professionals in agriculture, environment and society, which help to meet global challenges in food production in a sustainable way.

The General Director of Colbus College, Juan Antonio Villanueva Jiménez, noted that this medal honors the life, work and commitment to science of three collaborators in the Graduate School, who have demonstrated, without a doubt, their high competence in their fields.

He stressed that the three laureates join a select group of honorary doctorates awarded by COLPUS: “We are certain that this designation is as worthy of recognition as those of the great men and women who have previously received it.”

Biologist María Soledad Delgadillo expressed her gratitude to Campus Veracruz “for suggesting me to compete for this distinguished appointment of honorary doctorate, something I never imagined in my life, especially since there are so many people like me who have dedicated their lives.” To aquaculture activity.

He noted that he had a great time early on in catfish technology: mechanizing it (building aerators, motorized and automatic feeders, and harvesters), directing it to markets and cultivating it to restock lakes for sport fishing.

Dr. Barry Charles Arnold emphasized the honor of receiving this award, which he will carry with pride because – in his words – he has had a special relationship with the Graduate School since 1968, when he became involved with the institution to develop a master’s degree. in Statistics, which was later implemented at the Chapingo Autonomous University.

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Dr. Miguel Garcia Winder considered that this honor bestowed upon him on this occasion constitutes a source of inspiration for the college community.

He emphasized that his stay at Colbus, throughout his nearly 45 years of professional and academic work, reminded him of his early access to college and his preparation in agricultural sciences for the benefit of mankind.

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