The UK's first Redhead Festival is in preparation

Saturday 11 July 2015 at 02:07

Stuart Barry, a 43-year-old pizza delivery man, proposed organizing the country's first event for redheads in the summer of 2016 in England. Although the idea may seem crazy, similar events have been held with great success elsewhere around the world, such as in the Netherlands, where the famous festival of redheads called Redhead has been held for 10 years, or Edinburgh, where a crowd of Scots held a… Golden-Haired First Ginger Pride Parade.

Stewart's idea came during a conversation with his wife and other friends who had joined the cause. What was initially an unambitious project, in a space seating 200 people, began to grow thanks to the interest the initiative generated in the media and the reception it received from redheads from all over the country. They give.

Planning for the event includes live music, a family show and the presence of a local celebrity as a judge in a gingerbread decorating contest, with the team that dared pull off such a madness calling themselves Team Ginge, the foods the country's redheads are most associated with.

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