The UK wants Medvedev to show he does not support Putin so he can play at Wimbledon

March 17, 2022

The world’s No. 1 tennis player, Russian Daniil Medvedev, may have additional requirements to play at Wimbledon. This condition is that he provide “guarantees” that he is not a supporter of President Vladimir Putin.

This was stated by the UK Sports Minister. Nigel HuddlestonAccording to Eurosport. Huddleston said the government was in talks with the All England Tennis Club, the legendary complex in London, to try to install this condition.

The official said that “no one flying the Russian flag should be allowed” to play in the famous Grand Slam tournament held in June after Roland Garros.

He suggested the ban could go “further” and include, as he suggests, any Russian who refuses to denounce his president.

So far, tennis has stopped short of banning Russian players. However, Russia is banned from participating in some team competitions such as the Davis Cup, and players from that country must compete as players from neutral countries.

Huddleston said the UK was looking at how to reach a “broad global consensus” with other countries on how to treat Russian athletes.

“We look at what we are doing with Russian athletes and think about the consequences of that, because I don’t think people will accept anyone flying the Russian flag, especially if they support Putin and his regime,” he said.

Medvedev, who lost to Gael Monfils in Indian Wells a few days ago, was asked about the invasion of Ukraine and said that it was “difficult to talk about.” It’s not an easy situation for the tennis star.

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He added: “It’s always difficult to talk about this topic because I want to play tennis, and play in different countries.” “I want to promote my sport, I want to promote what I do in my country for sure, and the situation now is the only way I can play,” he said.

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