Afghanistan: Evacuations advance in Afghanistan after scenes of chaos at the airport

Madrid, 17 ago. (European Press) –

The process of evacuating foreign nationals and Afghan collaborators from Kabul continues after the chaos that prevailed on Monday at the international airport of the Afghan capital, where some uncertainty remains due to the large number of people desperately seeking to leave the country.

NATO representative in Afghanistan, Stefano Pontecorvo, stated on Twitter that the runway was “open,” along with a picture of Hamid Karzai International Airport. “I see planes landing and taking off,” he wrote, anticipating more volatile activity on Tuesday.

The US embassy requested that no one come to the airport until they were “notified”. The main representative of North America in Kabul, ChargĂ© d’Affairs Ross Wilson, confirmed that he himself remains in this city with some diplomatic staff “to help thousands of vulnerable American citizens and Afghans.”

Flights had to be suspended on Monday amid scenes of chaos, such as one that shows dozens of Afghans trying to board a plane in full take-off. And US forces, who still control part of the airport, are seeking to maintain order with the help of NATO.

In the last hours, the first evacuations of some countries were confirmed, such as France, which evacuated a group to Abu Dhabi on an Airbus A400. Germany used this plane as well, but its first evacuation on Monday only allowed seven people to be taken out, all members of a paratrooper group, a government spokesperson was quoted by DPA as saying.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace acknowledged on Monday that “some people will not return” from Afghanistan despite international efforts, something Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged on Tuesday.

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“Despite what we’re doing, I know our support won’t go all the way. The situation on the ground has overpowered them, I hope it’s different,” he lamented, referring to the prospects of evacuating not only Australian nationals but other local collaborators as well. who may be at risk.

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