2059 Students Take EBAU at Universities in Canary in July

Many students take EBAU. / C 7

Most of them, 1710, enrolled in the general stage and 345 enrolled in the class improvement option


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2059 students From tomorrow until Friday, they will face the Baccalaureate Assessment for Access to Universities (EBAU) in the July call for the two public Canarian universities.

At the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) there are 1111 students enrolled, and at the University of La Laguna 948, According to the information provided by the academic centers.

Most, 1,710, enrolled in the general stage and 345 enrolled in the class improvement option.

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ULPGCThere are 572 registered women and 539 men
956 students in the general stage and 155 in the grade improvement stage.

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ULL, there are 754 registered in the general stage and 194 in the specific stage Improve qualifications.

Of the total 948 registered with EBAU at ULL, 692 belong to Tenerife, 32 of them will take the arts method, 389 the sciences, 192 humanities and social sciences (the social sciences path) and the remaining 79 from this last method will choose the humanities path.

All those registered on this island will be screened at the University of Guajara campus, while others will be screened on their islands.

La Palma will have 48 students making it to the testof which he enrolled in the arts, 20 in the sciences, 20 in the social sciences track, and 7 in the humanities.

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No Gomera, there are nine registeredsix of them will implement the social sciences track and three will implement the sciences.

El Hierro There are five registeredtwo in the sciences and three in the social sciences.

In the specific way of raising scores, there are 179 registered in Tenerife, thirteen in La Palma, one in La Gomera and one in El Hierro.

The pass rate of EBAU in the Canary Islands is high with 93% of students participating

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