Beekeepers threaten to destroy 15 million bees due to Britain’s exit from the European Union

Patrick Morphet is a beekeeper who lives near Canterbury, England. For years, it has been importing bees from Italy to fill its hives, but it won’t be able to do so from now on. The British authorities threatened him with Seizing and destroying the shipment of 15 million bees I prepared for the upcoming spring.

The reason is that after the United Kingdom left the European Union, It is forbidden to import beehives. In fact, the new Brexit laws only allow the import of queen bees, but there is a legal possibility that opens up for beekeepers: importing bees through Northern Ireland, which is completely legal.

In words he collects it New European“I am a passionate beekeeper, and have been doing this for nearly 20 years,” Morvit confirms. During this time, millions of bees each year were imported for the bee equipment, which he managed, and He does it from Italy because the climate is much warmer. Now, Brexit could kill your business.

Big losses

The beekeeper indicates that these bees are used to replace those that die, so that they perform the pollination function on different farms in their area. Now the UK’s departure from Europe may end your job:It’s a very stupid situation For a country that is supposed to protect itself and export to all parts of the world. ”

Beekeepers incur losses of 120,000 euros (Reuters / David Mercado)
Beekeepers incur losses of 120,000 euros (Reuters / David Mercado)

Morphit’s solution to his problem was to regulate the import of 15 million bees through Northern Ireland: “I don’t care what you think I have to say. For now, the rules that are Bees from Northern Ireland can enter legally In the UK they are clear. If the law intended otherwise, it was not included in the legislation. However, the authorities threatened to exterminate the bees if he tried.

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The problem is The beekeeper has already paid more than 20,000 euros The bees are deposited and face losses of up to 120,000 euros if they are unable to import them. It sums up the problem in two sentences: “So far, the department has overseen a policy under which the UK is one of three countries in Europe experiencing a decline in bee colonies. Less bee pollination means less pollination, less fruit and more imports.”

“Less bees mean less pollination, fewer fruits and more imports”

Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says it is working on a solution because “bee health is a matter of empowerment”. They just stick Directory of beekeepers and beekeepers As soon as possible…. When more than a month has passed since the law entered into force.

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