[Actualizada] The company suggests that Ubisoft + will join Xbox Game Pass soon

Given the confusion caused by the company’s account words, Ubisoft wanted to qualify the comment that was made, and make sure what they wanted to say was that the service would arrive soon on Xbox consoles, but there’s no news about its possible arrival on the Xbox Game going through, at least for the time being.

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Last January, Ubisoft confirmed that its subscription service, known as Ubisoft+, Coming to Xbox consoles all this year. After the announcement, many questions arose about the possibility of Ubisoft+ joining Xbox Game Pass, just like EA Play previously.

Although several months have passed since the announcement, the service is still not available on Xbox consoles, with the release of Subscription for PC Users. But, It looks like the service will be coming to Microsoft consoles soonAnd it will do so along with its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass.

The company suggests that Ubisoft + will join Xbox Game Pass soon

as we see, reddit user Share a screenshot of Ubisoft Holland’s official Instagram account, where they replied to the user about their service coming to Microsoft, Making sure it’s going to be something that happens ‘soon’.

Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox Game Pass, according to a well-known journalist

So, if we attend this post, Everything seems to indicate that Ubisoft+ will be joining Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks. However, it’s also important to note that the company’s account may have indicated that the service had arrived on Xbox, although if that was the case, they would most likely not respond to a message that specifically cites Game Pass.

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There is currently no official information on this topic, but June may be a good time to announce it, as Microsoft confirmed that today, At the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show The company will be sharing great news about the games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass, so announcing the arrival of Ubisoft+ would be perfect for the event.

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