A UFO that was to fly over the US in 2004 “appears” in the UK

David Fravor is a former US Navy pilot who saw a UFO that appeared to be emitting “white tic tac”. This man saw the unidentified flying object flying over the aircraft carrier Nimitz in 2004. In an interview in 2007, the military man noted that he On a mission that was part of a training About 150 kilometers, to be exact, halfway between San Diego (US) and Ensenada (Mexico).

At the time, he said, in 2004 he saw what appeared to be a white light flashing about 40 feet high. According to him, this thing “was It hangs above the water and has no wings.. Now, the photo he shared on Facebook shows that a flying object like the one Fravor saw was going to fly over Leicestershire (England).

The Internet user posted the snapshot on one of the pages of the social network dedicated to unidentified flying objects founded by The Daily Star, and it was also published New York Post. “It was Floating for a few moments in the sky And it was gone in the blink of an eye.”

previous vision

The woman was able to take a picture at a time when the UFO was not moving. However, he disappeared moments later without leaving a trace. Added event shared by Dan Watson, an employee of UFO detection group in the UK.

This netizen’s post includes a screenshot of two things similar to the one portrayed by Castle. According to him, a man named Terry Moore I might see them in Swinton last year. At the moment, there is no confirmation describing the nature of these things.

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