Accusations of Islamophobia shake the British Conservative Party

he Conservative Party Britain has found itself embroiled in a new issue Internal scandal To the comments of some of its members against Islamic community. first Minister, Rishi SunakThis Monday led to the controversial statements of the representative Lee Andersonthe former vice president of the party and a member of the extremist wing, who confirmed last weekend that Islamists 'took control' London because of the city's mayor, Labour Sadiq Khan -Muslim of Pakistani origin-. Sunak described Anderson's comments as… “unacceptable” But he denied there was a problem Islamophobia In his party.

“I think that racism And the Biases Of any kind is absolutely unacceptable We must eliminate them“And I think it concerns all of us, especially members of Parliament,” the Prime Minister said on Monday in an interview with the BBC. So as not to ignite our discussions “In a way that harms others,” he added. But accusations leveled against the party leadership of allegedly using double standards when convicting Anti-Semitism The phenomenon of Islamophobia has increased in recent hours. Anderson has been accused by Khan himself “Pour fuel on the fire of hatred Against Muslims,” ​​at a time of intense tension in the United Kingdom to the conflict in Gaza.

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Conservative Party The deputy was arrested After he refused to apologize for his words, although some of his colleagues justified his position and accused Khan of not being able to control the crowds Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in London (Although the vast majority of them evolved safely and without incident.) Criticism of these marches has become common in recent months in the party, especially among representatives of the hardline wing, including the former Minister of the Interior. Suella BravermanHe confirmed a few days ago, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, that Islamists 'bear responsibility' in the UK.

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The increase in attacks against the Islamic sect was met with a negative reaction within the party itself. Happy WarsiThe former Conservative minister in David Cameron's government called on Sunak to confess That there is a problem with Islamophobia In training and taking more forceful measures to combat it. Speaking to The Guardian, Warsi urged the Prime Minister to “name Islamophobia by its name”. The current member of the House of Lords asked: “Why can’t the Prime Minister even condemn racism and bigotry against Muslims? Why can’t he use these words?”

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A climate of tension between the two communities resulted as a result Conflict in Gaza He jumped into politics and caused internal battles in both the Conservative Party and the Conservative Party labor Party, Unable to maintain a unanimous position In condemning the Israeli attacks. Even the Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Howell, It has sparked controversy in recent days. Some MPs expressed concern about increasing threats against MPs, partly due to inflammatory statements by some public representatives on both sides.

Tension on the street has also increased in recent months. the organization Tell mamaIt is an entity created to monitor and ensure hate crimes against the Muslim community Anti-Islamic attacks Since the outbreak of the conflict in Gaza last October It has tripled, compared to the same period of the previous year. In the case of hate crimes against Jewish communitythe Community Security Trust has discovered more than 4,000 incidents of this type in 2023This is a significant increase from the previous year, when just over 1,600 people registered.

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