Will You Keep a Secret?, Netflix's shocking documentary about cyberbullying with real cases

One of the latest Netflix releases, Will you keep the secret?that it True crime documentary Which is treated in a striking way The issue of cyberbullying. It has a total duration of 100 minutes, divided into only two episodes.

Through real testimonies, the British film reveals the terrifying experience he lived through Girls are subjected to harassment through social networks by Matthew Hardy, A man used fake identities to terrorize them.

Abby, Leah and Zoe Are some of the brave women who are participating Their heartbreaking stories in this documentary. For years, they were victims of messages, threats and fake profiles created by Hardy, before they could reveal his identity.

Frame Will you keep the secret?Netflix

Will you keep the secret? he It focuses on these three women Who, at first, suffer from ridicule from strangers on social networks. Blocking profiles did not stop the harassmentThe fight for justice is complicated by the limited evidence against the harasser.

The first part of the documentary unleashes a horrific campaign of harassment, threatening to expose the lives of these young women in the UK.

Hardy terrorized many women by making their lives hell.Netflix

In a desperate attempt to put an end to this situation, they decided to start looking for solutions. Part Two tells how a surprising discovery leads the investigation to a sleepy Cheshire village.

At the dawn of the 2000s, when social media was in its infancy, Hardy, the series' stalker, chose… To some of her classmates and other girls from nearby schools As a target for their attacks.

Methodical and arithmetical, Hardy follows A The method of work permanent. Created fake accounts On social networks, posing as victims or people close to them.

The investigation took more than a decade to bring him to prison.Netflix

He assumed identities to harass and terrorize victims and their loved ones. These accounts They spread lies, had sexually explicit conversations, and even shared intimate photos. Stolen from victims

Will you keep the secret? It's more than just a true crime documentary. He is A wake-up call about the harsh reality of cyberbullying. during real stories, We dive into the dark corners of social networks, remembering the importance of awareness and action against this phenomenon.

A story that will undoubtedly leave our audience open-mouthed and rethinking the way we face these challenges in the digital age.

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