Alison Felix, the most successful athlete in history, will say goodbye after the World Cup

Alison Felix faces her final competition, the World Athletics Championships, which will be held in Eugene, Oregon, July 15-24. At the age of 36, the most successful female athlete in history will be participating in her 10th World Cup, running only in the 4×400 mixed race. He is credited with eleven medals at the Olympic Games (seven gold, three silver, and one bronze), seventeen World Cup medals (twelve gold, three silver, and two bronze) and a gold medal at the World Indoor Championships. The great dominator of 200 and 400 meters says goodbye.


The most successful athlete in his history won eleven Olympic medals and eighteen medals in the World Cup

The player, born in Los Angeles in 1985, admitted at a press conference how excited she was to compete in the last competition of her career in the United States. He declared, “For me, finishing the house means completing a circuit. It will be very, very special.” “Throughout my career I’ve always been a bit envious of the athletes who have competed at home,” admitted Felix, who has achieved most of his great achievements abroad.

Finishing at home means completing the circuit, it will be very special

Alison Felix

Now without much pressure, and after a career full of success, the runner aims to enjoy the World Cup to the fullest. “I’m going to have fun and just leave it all there. It’s going to be very emotional,” he said. He reflects on his past and recalls the good and bad times of the sport. “It was an incredible journey, I really enjoyed it. This sport broke my heart many times but I also had really happy moments. I will miss it very much,” he admitted. About her legacy, she hopes to be remembered as a “fierce competitor.” “But the most important thing for me is to try to leave this sport better than I found it,” he said.

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The most important thing for me is to try to leave this sport better than I found it.

Alison Felix

Besides her athletic side, Alison Felix has become one of the key figures in the fight for motherhood in sports. In 2018, she gave birth to her first daughter by caesarean section and her baby spent days in the intensive care unit. During pregnancy, she came to train at dawn so that Nike, her sponsor, would not know about the pregnancy. Knowing the situation, the brand offered her a lesser contract, a fact that the athlete denounced and this led to the breakup of the relationship. Since then, Felix has led a protest movement that has forced the brand to change its contract policy. His last world championship will be in Oregon, the home of Nike.

Alison Felix celebrates with her daughter after a race


Other great athletes, such as Noah Lyles, the current 200m world champion, also acknowledge the sprinter’s bravery in the face of the multinational company that sponsored it. “For a woman, a black woman, to stand up to that and speak up for what she thinks is right, just by having the courage to try, that’s something young people will have to look at for years to come,” Lyles said… before the competition began.

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