Aardman says her future is good after fears of a clay shortage

after Weekend report One of the most famous stop-motion animation houses in the world —aardmanThe team behind Chicken race, Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the sheepMore than that, I was on the brink Of running out Of the unique clay they use to make their creations going viral, the studio has now spoken out to allay fans’ concerns.

Report for a British newspaper Telegraph This film went viral this weekend, after it was claimed that Aardman only had enough clay supplies to make another film: his almost Wallace and Gromit project As for Netflix, after the UK’s sole producer, Lewis Newplast, based in Torquay, closed its factory earlier this year.

Lewis Newplast has been used by Aardman since its founding in the 1970s, and is renowned not only for its moldability but, crucially for a studio like Aardman, its ability to retain its shape under the intense heat of studio lighting. When the plant announced its closure earlier this year, Aardman bought up most of the remaining supplies, hoping to exhaust its reserves to realize the two projects it had publicly owned. Committed to a deal with Netflix: a sequel to Chicken race, He blew the blockis scheduled to arrive on the streaming device next month, and new Wallace and Gromit The film, is scheduled to be released sometime in 2024. But concerns were raised following the report that Aardman may end if a suitable replacement is found. Unable to find Louis Newblast, the studio took to social media today to assure its fans that he has no plans to leave. Away soon.

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“We are shocked by the recent concern over the future of our beloved clay creations, but wanted to reassure fans that there is absolutely no need to worry,” the statement begins.

Aardman also noted that its current supply of clay was not a concern and that, “just like Wallace in his workshop,” he had developed plans to “ensure a smooth transition to new stock to continue producing our signature productions.”

Let’s hope these plans go a little better than some of Wallace’s typical inventions and we can continue to enjoy Aardman’s work for a while. A long time ago now.

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