National talent has a presence with nominations for International Emmy Awards

Image provided by Netflix of the cast who have left. to a monastery. Andr & # 233; s Parra, Marcela Benjumea and Christian Tappan. EFE / Netflix /

There are many names of Colombian actors that appear among the candidates for 2021 International Emmy Awards (International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) Which was nominated by the jury for this new edition that will be delivered in New York on November 22.

Among the four nominees for Best Actor are Colombian-Mexican translator Christian Taban for his role in Netflix’s Theft of the Century, which will compete against Israeli Roy Nick for Normali, and India’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Siddiqui. In Serious Men and David Tennat for Des.

The production in which Christian Taban is one of the brains of this coup, in which more than 23,000 million pesos in cash were stolen without operating a single firearm, was co-production, which was inspired by real-life events. Andres Parra and Marcela Bengomia are also involved with the artist, who were the other visible heads of the criminal enterprise.

In the Best Drama category, the production of “El Presidente” appears starring the Colombian Andrés Parra, the original Amazon Prime Video series He talks about the production that exists in South American football and in FIFA. Accompanying in this category are the Indian productions “Arya”, Israel, the series “Tehran” and the second season from the United Kingdom, “There She Goes”.

Taken from Twitter @SoyAndresParra
Taken from Twitter @SoyAndresParra

The third Colombian production to appear on the shortlist was “Campaign Promises,” in the Best Comedy category, along with “Call My Agen from France,” “Motherland: Christmas Special,” the original UK production, and “Vir Das: For India.” from India.

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Campaign Promises is a FoxTelecolombia original story, created by Albatros González, which can be seen on the Claro Video platform. In total, they had 44 candidates in 11 categories, spread over a record 24 countries. The winners will be announced at an in-person ceremony in New York City on November 22.

Platinum Awards

On this occasion, Colombian actress Joanna Acosta will host the Platino Awards ceremony, which was announced through a virtual press conference on the social networking sites of the event, and the actress indicated that she is very happy to attend the Platino Awards ceremony. Share of Colombian artists nominated for “El robo del sigo”, “The Forgotten We’ll Be” with 11 nominations in various categories such as “Best Direction”, “Best Artistic Direction”, “Best Female Performance”, Best Male Performance”, Among other things.

“I love that there’s a Colombian presence, of course, and ‘The Forgotten We’ll Be’ too, a movie from one of the books that has influenced me the most and I’ve loved modern Colombian literature. Well adapted by Fernando Tripa and a beautiful work by dear Javier Camara. Colombia plays This year I love it, ” reported by Juana Acosta.

The film’s director, Fernando Tropa, managed to achieve the victory for best director, in a category in which specialists see Giro Bustamante as his main competitor in the film La llorona. In the best case scenario, the Colombian action would measure forces with Crimes de familia, La llorona and Girls. Akelarre, Canción sin nombre and La Llorona will measure the powers together To forget that we will be For Best Original Music, while Javier Cámara is a serious candidate for Best Male Performance.

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