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LONDON – In an important step towards improving the UK’s economic and infrastructure landscape, London today hosted the first meeting of the UK Infrastructure Council. The event, chaired by the Shadow Finance Minister, brought together sector leaders from large financial institutions such as Lloyds (LON:), HSBC, Santander (BME:) in the UK, Phoenix, Fidelity and BlackRock (NYSE:). Discussions focused on strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors to promote investments in national infrastructure that are expected to enhance productivity and create job opportunities.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hinted at potential tax cuts for companies if inflation can be halved by 2023. The move comes as the Conservative Party steps up efforts to offset Labour’s lead in the polls ahead of the next general election. Conservatives see tax incentives as a key part of their comeback strategy.

During the council meeting, labor representatives stressed the importance of developing innovative financing models specifically aimed at supporting clean energy projects, among other infrastructure initiatives. The aim is to align investors’ actions with the government’s strategic priorities, which are expected to stimulate economic growth and expand employment opportunities.

The convergence of political leaders and financial executives on the Council indicates a collaborative approach to addressing key national challenges. By exploring public-private collaboration, the UK aims to unleash private sector capital and expertise to achieve its infrastructure ambitions, while addressing environmental issues and improving long-term economic prospects.

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