A young woman in the UK is surprised by what many people earn in Spain, but she does not convince everyone

TikTok user @noritag posted a video of the show He was surprised by the level of salaries in Spain, because they are “almost the same” as salaries in the United KingdomWhich means it has risen a lot in recent years.

“Can you believe that salaries in Spain are as high as those in the UK? Me too,” she began, amazed.

“Recently” she was in Barcelona visiting her best friend, and “talking to her roommates and other people,” she realized this: “People in Spain now make the same money as they do here.” I swear. “I'm trembling in fear.”

Which She thought the majority of workers in Spain “were melioristas.” They had to accept it: “Not now. Things are getting better. I'm generalizing But people of my generation are in positions like mine, which is marketing, communication, etc..”

“If you want another explanation for why I didn't come to Mordor and another reason for why I went there, here it is Salaries are the same. “The reason people come to the UK is to make money and because there are more opportunities, but that doesn't exist anymore.”

In contrast to the young woman's story, many platform users confirmed this to her You're talking about “exceptions” This situation varies greatly depending on the professional sector.

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