UJA highlights its 'great potential' in Digital Humanities and Computational Social Sciences – Spain

The University of Jaén (UJA) has highlighted its “great potential” in the field of digital humanities and computational social sciences.

This was highlighted at the first Clariah-And-UJA Conference, which brought together researchers and communities from the JIAN Foundation associated with the above-mentioned field and organized by the Sinai Research Group.

The researcher of this group from the Universidade Gianmaite Martin was responsible for opening the meeting, which was organized in two parts, as reported by the UJA on Wednesday.

In the first part, researcher Arturo Montijo, appointed as national expert by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities for the European Infrastructure Clariah, presented the Clariah-Andalusian node. During his speech, he pointed to the opportunities for publishing, dissemination and cooperation at the national and international levels within these strategic infrastructures.

In the second part of the day, several research groups involved in projects related to digital humanities gave presentations. Speakers included Torres, of the Spanish Lexicon Symposium); Juan M. Rosas, who represents the comparative psychology groups: Learning, Attention, Memory, Graphics, and Geomatics, and Raoul Manchon, from the Guinness Humanism Research Group in the 15th and 17th Centuries).

Rosario Garcia, from the Causal Relationships and Behavioral Decision Processes team, also participated; Juan Pedro Belon, of the Iberian Archaeological Institute; Pedro Vera, for the Signal Processing Group in Communications Systems, and Mercedes Simal, who provided the custom team to architect Vandelvera.

Each of these researchers provided a detailed overview of their projects, “demonstrating the progress and potential of their research in these specific areas.”

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In addition, UJA Library Director, Sebastian Jarillo, gave a presentation emphasizing the Library's essential role in supporting and disseminating research undertaken by the institution's academics.

“The conference proved to be very fruitful, highlighting the great potential that Jaén University has in terms of collections, lines and research projects in the field of digital humanities. In addition, it marks the beginning of a series of conferences, not only At the local level but also at the regional and national levels.”

The Government of Spain completed the integration process of the European research infrastructures Clarin and Daria on September 1, thanks to coordinated efforts between Spanish researchers over recent years.

This strategic alliance consists of several nodes at the national level and the UJA is classified as the Andalusian node. This node, managed by the Center for Advanced Studies of ICT (Ceatic) through the Sinai Cluster, will provide support to researchers and various other universities, centers and organizations in Andalusia.

Work is currently underway to prepare for an Andalusian-level conference, scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2024, “confirming the Association’s continued commitment in these constantly evolving fields.” This opens new opportunities to provide greater visibility and capabilities for research into Andalusian cultural and social heritage.

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