Why does the UK ban going to the cinema in a suit to watch the new “Minions” movie?

Dressing well can be a problem. At least, this could be the first reading of this news. It all starts on TikTok. Videos start being posted on that social network Teenagers in suits To go see the new Minions movie “The Rise of Gru” accompanied by the hashtag #Gentlemen Minions. Groups of friends dressed in evening clothes gather to enter movie theaters where an animated film is being shown, as if it were a premiere. It begins to spread virally.

“The 5-year wait is over,” say some TikTok videos, as young people wearing suits and going to the movies seem to be adopting a different style. Behavior similar to that of minions.

And this is the problem. Not the suit but the attitude. The behavior associated with this trend (cheering, clapping, screaming, imitating Minions, and even throwing bananas at the screen) caused problems for other attendees, who were understandably unhappy with the situation. Parents with young children and in general all those who are not part of the “joke of questionable taste” demanded refunds for being innocent victims of a loud, embarrassing and ridiculous show with costumed protagonists.

United Kingdom, against spectators wearing suits

A manager at Vue Cinema in Worcester, England, said they had to release the film Refunds worth approximately 1,500 euros In one day due to customer complaints. The Regal Cinema in Wadebridge, Cornwall, posted a notice saying it would no longer accept “unaccompanied children and teenagers wearing suits” to screenings of the film.

Box office clerks claimed that young men in suits were “cheering, clapping, screaming” and standing throughout the film.

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The Minions movie was scheduled to be released in 2020, but was postponed several times due to the pandemic. While other family films decided to release them online, Universal made “The Rise of Gru” available to cinemas, a strategy that was successful: this weekend alone, the film grossed more than 125 million euros in the United States. A box office record despite the new fashion among viewers for suits.

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