A young model was devastated after traveling to Türkiye for a smile design

Jack James traveled to Istanbul to get a smile designGetty Images

  • A young model travels to Turkey to get a smile design and ends up with shark-like teeth

  • Jack James, a 22-year-old Englishman, began experiencing severe pain, infection, and bleeding after about eight months.

  • This Briton had to pay another 4,500 euros for a second trip to Istanbul to get his teeth fixed

Jack James He is from Manchester and is 22 years old and works out model. The young man, like many other people who Suffering from whitorexia disease, in September last year I decided to travel to the city of Turkey Istanbul. His goal was to submit to Smile design To look better in front of the cameras.

However, her beauty treatment, as she revealed to several British media outlets, including The Sun, was far from expected. “When I removed the veneers, I saw that my teeth had been shaved off a lot. They looked like a sharkIt was like something out of a horror movie,” he admits, embarrassed after his mistake.

The young man became infected and continually bleeding

James explains that he chose to move from the UK to the Ottoman lands because the budget for the aesthetic procedure in England was around £20,000, which is just over €23,200.

Jack’s real teeth were brought down and They put the crustThin plates placed on the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. Although he says he knew very well what he was exposing himself to, he didn’t have a problem at first. Therefore, I was very pleased with the result.

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Jack James traveled to Istanbul to design a smile and smashed his teethsocial networks

However, the joy lasted a few months because in May 2023 the severe discomfort began. “My mouth was completely infected and I didn’t stop bleeding. Also, he had Terrible breathHe indicated in an interview with the aforementioned newspaper.

Given his condition, he decided to go to a local dentist, who confirmed that “his teeth were messy and infected” and explained that he would have to spend approximately €22,800 to completely fix his mouth.

Second trip to Istanbul in search of a solution

Since he did not have that amount of money, James returned to Istanbul and spent 4,500 euros to remove the crust. “They removed all my teeth and the abscess (the cavity where pus accumulates) and put me in Temporary cutAlthough it took a few weeks for the infection to clear up.”

Despite the severe physical and emotional pain, as well as the economic damage, the young man returned to the UK uninjured and with new teeth. But the journey didn’t end there, as he lost a tooth while brushing it, leaving a large hole.

Jack does not throw balls and admits his failure. Take responsibility for the consequences, and own up to what he feels “annoyed” at himself. And take advantage of the conversation with the Sun to warn those who would consider doing the same with him. “Do your research before you go abroad for dental treatment,” said James.

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