Eisen: Major for 40 years in the social sciences

Eisen: Major for 40 years in the social sciences

ISEN Centro Universitario is a faculty attached to the University of Murcia located in Cartagena, where it has been developing its university activity for more than 40 years, specializing in the field of social sciences.

Among the objectives set out in its Strategic Plan 2022/2025, the purpose of further internationalizing it, strengthening its relations with university institutions in Central Europe, Latin America, the Maghreb and China, and favoring the exchange and residence of professors and students, along with its digital transformation, stands out, but is not understood as a tool or an educational channel, but with the aspiration to lead the irreversible process of digitization.

Eisen: Major for 40 years in the social sciences

In the field of education, they have a university degree in bilingual primary education in English. It is also worth noting that these are university studies with a high employment rate. Also worth noting is the double degree in Criminology and Security, taught jointly with the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia, where the ISEN is responsible for the subjects of the University Degree in Security. The Degree in Security (General and Special Signals) is the ideal degree for those aspiring to be part of the higher, executive and sub-inspection scale of the National Police Force and other security forces.

The Security Degree (general and specific references) at ISEN, which is organized with the Faculty of Law of the University of Murcia, is an interdisciplinary degree, in the field of social sciences, that trains the student to analyze, recognize and manage risks and risks, as well as to plan and implement protection and security measures.

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Degree qualified to work in all areas of security: security forces and agencies, industrial and environmental security, intelligence and risk analyst, security in the operations of international expansion of companies, international cooperation, security of the tourism sector, cybersecurity, penal institutions, customs control, judicial officials and civil protection, etc.

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