A woman leaves her boyfriend after winning the lottery, and takes all the money

in United kingdomA woman left her boyfriend a year after she won the prize subordinate the lottery Nacional, he took all the money with her, including the two dogs they shared.

The prize It ranged from $4 million, which would be delivered in checks for $12,000 per month for approximately 30 years.

The couple looked happy after winning the lottery

According to the media “Daily Star”, the couple began their relationship in 2018 and after years made the decision to participate with a ticket in the lottery citizen of United kingdomunaware that their lives will change completely.

By winning the prize, Laura and Kirk thought life was over, so they bought a luxury car and a house; Furthermore, confident that the award would financially support them for 30 years, Kirk enrolled in a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Even the couple shared a video of the lottery citizen of United kingdomas a celebration of the anniversary of their exit from the great winners prize.

Laura leaves her boyfriend, leaving him penniless and without dogs.

A few months after you get the lottery Planning a dream life, Laura made the decision to leave her boyfriend Kirk, taking the rest of the money with her, as well as the two dogs who were together.

Although in pictures the lottery citizen of United kingdomshowed that the examination prize He was in the name of both the official bearer of prize She was Laura, because at the time of registration in prize They decided to register in her name.

Laura told me we’d give ourselves the ‘good life’ if we win, but now she’s gone and taken it all rightKirk said.

Kirk, Laura’s ex-boyfriend, says that although the idea of ​​participating in prize subordinate the lottery citizen of United kingdomLaura, even the money they bought it for prizewas the effort of the two.

According to Kirk, the deal was that he would pay all the expenses of the house in which they lived; However, Laura offered to pay part of the rent but he refused, because the main idea was that we start their life together.

Previously Kirk, he had the idea of ​​marrying Laura. But she did, after a while of Kirk’s proposal to marry again, she turned him down again and they both ended up attending one of their friends’ wedding together.

After the breakup, Laura moved into a house and when he came back to look for her to claim the money, she only told him that it “had nothing.”

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