Change government checks English language program for all Potocinos

Thanks to the efforts change government who is headed Ricardo Gallardo Cardona And seeing as we strengthen education in the state so that no one is left behind, thousands of botoxins and botoxins will have access to Learn English Through the system provided by Cambridge University Press and evaluated after signing Agreement between the Government of San Luis Potosi and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Mexico.

the program “English for Potosinus‘, presented by UK Ambassador to MexicoJonathan Benjamin, who thanked the state president, Ricardo Gallardo, for the opportunity to replicate this tool in San Luis Potosi, which has had success in other states, with the goal of improving the quality of educational systems, so that everyone has the skills they need for today’s modern inclusive society.

John Benjamin said that currently, according to the World Economic Forum, English is the most widely used language in business and the most requested foreign language in the professional fieldsince 375 million people speak this language at work, even if it is not their native language, and in addition, 25 percent of the job offer requires people who speak English.

With this opportunity for the people of Potosi, thousands of companies around the world will expand their offerings so that trained people can interact in them Einglish and with Appropriate certificateseven working abroad, for example in the UK itself: β€œIn Mexico there is a commitment to internationalization in educational institutions, however, at the technical and higher levels, a great opportunity opens up,” said the British politician.

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